Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All the best to Kate!!

It's been about a year since Kate left on maternity leave. Kate now has a beautiful baby boy, Tanner, whom she is enjoying very much and wants to spend as much time with him as possible. As a result, she will not be returning to work with us. As parents also, we understand Kate’s need to cherish the time with her son as he goes through his precious early years. We would like to wish Kate all the best and hope she enjoys and treasures her time with Tanner.

We are excited to introduce and welcome, Jen Toone, Dental Assistant and Harnoop Sandhu, Dental Hygienist, to our team. Both Jen and Harnoop are new to Ottawa but not to the dentistry field. Jen and Harnoop come to us highly recommended. Jen is from Alberta and Harnoop from Southern Ontario.
Both Jen and Harnoops’ warm and friendly personalities are a wonderful complement to our office environment. They are sure to make you feel very comfortable and relaxed during your visit.

Jen & Harnoop- Welcome to our team!!