Sunday, July 25, 2010

Village Green Dental Care is getting a Facelift! June 24th to July 25th.

Yes, we are refurbishing the office! We've been closed since  June 25th and our renovations are almost complete.
Some of you have been in the office in the last couple months and have asked, "Why, what's wrong with the way it is?"
Well, it's been 11 years, (April 12, 1999) since we opened our doors to Village Green Dental Care. We've been through 3 floods and many changes over the years. With all the advances in technology over the years, we have incorporated many changes. We started off by computerizing the office in hopes that we could eventually become paperless. We then digitized our x-rays and reduced the amount of chemicals we used; we were one of the first in the Ottawa area to use Vixwin. Implementing the use of intra-oral cameras enabled us to show our patients exactly what was happening n their mouth. Our dental software has finally allowed us to digitize all our patient records so that we can eliminate the use of paper files, one step closer to becoming paperless and saving more trees.
As a result, our needs have changed and we need to refurbish.
Photos coming soon of the 'work in progress'.

We look forward to seeing everyone when we unveil the new Village Green Dental Care!!