Wednesday, November 4, 2009

GO GREEN with Village Green!

Our Eco-Friendly Tote bags have arrived! Be sure to pick one up on your next visit to Village Green Dental Care.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Bags

Using an eco-friendly bag can be good for many reasons. You will lower your carbon footprint by using less greenhouse gases with an eco-friendly reusable shopping tote You can also help the environment by using a recycled tote bag, or a biodegradable tote bag, as both of these methods will decrease the amount of materials that permanently take up space in landfills.

An eco-friendly reusable bag means you don’t end up with a drawer full of plastic shopping bags or an overflowing trash bin.

Uses for Your Cotton Tote

A tote bag is a bag large enough to carry a variety of materials. Because they are so useful and versatile, cotton totes have a wide variety of uses:
  • A tote bag is a great way to carry your groceries or other things you buy on a trip, as opposed to using paper or plastic bags the stores give you. This also means that on a shopping trip through a large mall, you can store all of your purchases in one convenient bag, rather than wrestling with a fistful of different plastic bags from different stores.
  • A tote bag can also carry everything you need to enjoy a day on the beach, from sunscreen and towel to extra clothing and a good thriller to read!
  • A cotton tote can be great for the student who needs to carry their textbooks and notes to classes and the library, but wants something lighter and more stylish than a backpack.
  • Store them in your car so you'll always them have them on hand for the grocery store, library, or farmer's market! If you have too many shopping bags already, a cotton tote can be used to store things at home, like old books or piles of paper, to help keep you organized.
  • Cotton tote bags are also perfect to carry your kids toys, baby items and much more.