Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fall 2010

The last few months have been busy around Village Green Dental Care.  Not only have we been busy getting the office organized from the renovations, we've been attending continuing education seminars and going on retreats for team bonding.

In September, we attended a continuing education seminar hosted by Dr. Razavi of Palladium Orthodontics on Aesthetic Dentistry.  The speaker, Dr. Kugel spoke about the importance of appearance, functionality and patient comfort after completing a restoration eg. filling, crown, veneer, bridge.  He discussed methods to increase longevity or restorations and the importance of the occlusion (how one bites down) once the treatment is finished.  Different ideas were presented to ensure that the patient is pleased with the appearance and comfort of the restoration.

October was especially eventful; Rayhana, Chris, Harnoop and Jen enjoyed our first weekend without rain in weeks at Maple Ki Spirit Waters in Tamworth, ON, for a Yoga/Zumba retreat. We participated in yoga and zumba classes, canoed, kayaked and hiked in the beautiful forest surrounding the retreat and even had a bon fire under the stars. The vegetarian food was plentiful and delicious.  Many thanks to Jennifer Shillingford of Muttita Moves for organizing and leading us though relaxing yoga, Vivien Peh for the invigorating Zumba and our host Julianna Norrie. 
We truly found our yin and yang!!!

The whole staff attended Core Communication Skills seminar hosted by Dr. Chong. It was a great seminar as we got an opportunity to go over the importance of our communication skills. It was based on how the Dentist and the entire staff should communicate with patients, colleagues and suppliers. Effective communication is very important to build empathy, to connect with patients, solve patient problems and resolve patient objections. We discussed negative and positive listening experiences and few annoying habits that should be avoided during positive listening. The speaker concluded by explaining different ways to resolve patient objections.
It was overall a great evening as Rayhana and Harnoop won the free draw and our table won in a communication incentive game of poker.
On Oct. 15th, Dr. Baksh attended a seminar presented by the Ottawa Dental Society, which reviewed aesthetic dentistry. Smile patterns and types, and the various methods to restore or change smiles were discussed.
On the same day, Rayhana attended an advance course for Dentrix, the computer software that we use in our office. We have not received any training on the program since we first implemented it in our office 15 yrs ago, and there have been approximately 10 updates to the program since then.  Some of the updates have helped us to improve the way we present treatment to our patients, others have helped us become more environmentally friendly, by enabled us to digitize all our files therefore reducing the amount of paper we use and our storage requirements. After attending this course, Rayhana discovered that we are using Dentrix to its potential even though we had not received any training in the past 15 yrs.

The long anticipated completion of the office renovation was celebrated on Thursday Oct. 21st at our Open House.  From all the comments we received from the people who were able to attend, it was a worth the wait.  People were very impressed with the innovative new glass countertops from ThinkGlass.  We would like to thank Carmen Gruska of CGC Interiors for doing a great job in redesigning the office for us and Terlin Construction and Spindler Furniture for making her design a reality.  A very special Thank you to Shakira Whitton of Little Cakes for overseeing the renovation of the office for us while we were at the World Cup in South Africa and for providing cupcakes for the event.
Thank you to everyone who was able to make time in their busy schedules to come out and share this event with us. 

To view more pictures, please go to our Village Green Dental Care photo albums:
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Enjoy the pictures!!!

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