Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Occlusion Seminar with Dr. R. Kerstein

On Friday March 23, 2012, Dr. Baksh attended a seminar in Toronto presented by Dr. Robert Kerstein, dealing with occlusion: how the lower teeth fit against the upper teeth.
     A more specific method of evaluating the occlusion of a patient using a computer scanning device called a T-scan was described.  Uses for this method of evaluation include preventing tooth wear as well as preventing muscle and ligament damage to the head and neck area.  The constant disturbances caused by poor occlusion can often result in muscle pain which can be confused with tooth pain. Correcting the occlusion can help to prevent the use of grinding and clenching guards while sleeping.
     Dr. Baksh was impressed with the T-scan and the information it provides.  He has had a number of patients he's had to treat with problems related to their malocclusion. He feels this technology would be very helpful in assisting him in providing alternative solutions for our patients who have experienced problems because their occlusion needs adjusting.

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